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Archaeological digs in the Greek Emporium and Temple near Krastevich and GIS applied in Archaeology

Code: PR04KR1401
Director: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mitko Madzharov
Period: Greek 5. - 4. BC
Places availble: 5 places avalble. No previous experience necessary
Dates: August 9, 2014 - September 20, 2014
Minimum stay: Two weeks
Minimum age: 18
Language: English
Cost: 1388 EUR
Visa permit: None for EU, US or Canadian citizens

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The aim of the course is to make students familiar with the basic methods of field archeology with a special focus on the GIS (geographic information system) surveying. The students will be trained how to use electronic survey equipment (Total Station) to perform horizontal and vertical measurements in reference to a grid system.

The course is suitable both for beginners and advanced in field archaeology. The first part is devoted to practice on the archaeological site and working with the archaeological finds. In the second week the following topics will be covered: Topographic surveys; Construction project layout (building corners, control and offset lines); Leveling; Traverse surveys and adjustments; Building Face Surveys; Resections; Areas; Intersections; Point Projections. Daily survey information will be downloaded into CAD programs and students will gain basic skills on working with specific software and electronic data processing.

The third part of the course is devoted to educational trips to the open air sites and museum collections in the area. The students will be guided by professional archaeologist and all visits will be accompanied by educational lectures on Greek and Roman history and archaeology.

Affiliation: RSFAT; Historical museum - Hissarya

Project Director: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mitko Madzharov.

All participants will receive:

  1. Certificate of participation stating the hours and activities of the course. Participants that perform exceedingly well in the course will receive a letter of recommendation from our organization.

  2. Pre-reading materials.

  3. 6 academic credits. The request for credits should be pointed out into the Application form. The accreditation is not included in the field school tuition fee. For more details please check our "Instructions" section.

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